Thanksgiving 2013

Turkey Chow Down

By Bria Jenkins

            This year thanksgiving was held at my house. This annual gathering is usually held elsewhere but this year was different. After a day of cooking, cleaning, and running back and forth to the store it was time to welcome my family members for a great evening of fun and good company.

Once everyone arrived around 5 o’clock we sat down at the table, gave thanks, and began to feast. Everyone stood around my uncle as he prepared to carve the turkey as he does every year. He removed his jacket, grabbed his tools, and prepared to cut the turkey.

With little effort, the meat fell off the turkey and laid in endless piles in the pan. After applauding him, we all grabbed our plates and sampled the wonderful turkey. Afterwards, everyone walked to the living room, plopped down with our full stomachs and began to laugh, sing, and dance with each other.  To our surprise there was a range of Christmas carols on the radio already. We all began to sing the familiar tunes in unison, each person taking a different solo lead.

One of the most memorable moments of the night was seeing my little cousin London enjoy thanksgiving food for the first time. Although this was not the first thanksgiving celebrated, this was the first one where she was able to eat whole foods. From her first bite of macaroni, to the string beans, dressing, and turkey and gravy, her face lit up with enjoyment from all the new tastes she was experiencing.

Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and thankfulness, which were all displayed on this day. Being away at college makes these events more memorable to me than before. Seeing everyone together after a long period of time is one of the best feelings. This tradition will continue until I have a family of my own where they can see my uncle and his pristine way of carving turkey.



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