One in 22,000: Courtney’s Saga


Photo by: Bria Jenkins/TU Student

Walking around on campus you pass hundreds of new faces everyday each of which has their own unique story. However, you wouldn’t know this unless you took the time to have a conversation with them and discover the hidden treasures masked inside of them. Courtney Chase is a sophomore here at Towson, who has a story unlike most students on campus. In her last year of high school, Chase discovered a hidden talent she possessed. She realized that she was a very good artist, although she had never taken are seriously before.

“It just sort of came natural to me and I was good at it” said Chase.

This realization followed Chase to college where she became an Art and Design major with a concentration in graphic design.

On top of being a full time art student, Courtney also works on the Admissions Office on the second floor of the York Road building. Here she works in the office answering phones and directing incoming freshman and transfer students to the next step in their journeys to becoming Towson Tigers.

“I enjoy my job. It’s not only something to do but I’m helping people as well” said Chase.

With all of these time consuming things on her plate, Chase still finds time to participate in an activity she loves, modeling. Growing up Chase was always taller than most of the other people in her class, which is now an asset to her in her modeling career here at Towson. Chase has been modeling for two years here at Towson with the Model of Distinction team, and has met many people in the process.

“Modeling has helped me expand my social circle. I’ve met so many people and even come out of my shy ways” said Chase.

Chase’s involvement in these activities often causes her to have a heavy workload each week, however she manages to get through each week with ease.

“It’s definitely hard managing everything I have to do but I just figure out what I have to do each day and go from there” said Chase.

Moriah Coleman, a sophomore and friend of Chase, notices her discipline ways and admires how Chase still finds time outside of her major and activities to have fun and enjoy her college experience.

“Courtney is so focused. Every time I see her she has something to do but she never seems stressed. I don’t know how she does it but it works” said Coleman.

What’s next for Chase? In her upcoming junior year, she plans on continuing what she is already involved in and if time allows her to, venturing out even more and finding new ways to become involved on Towson’s campus.

“There’s more out there and I want to experience as much of it as possible. You don’t stay young forever” said Chase.

Everyone has their own special story to tell to the world, but it’s up to the right person to uncover their story and share it with the world. After all, our individual stories are what make us special in our own way.


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