Special Connections

In the performing arts world it is important to build connections early on. Ashley Rivers shares how these connections are what helps most dancers get their foot in the door, or have that edge over the next person. They are also useful because they open up many new opportunities for dancers especially newer dancers in the community that helps them obtain the experience they need in order to land company positions.

Staying connected with classmates whether it is in college or dance classes, help students stay focused on their goals and it also serves a purpose to help them motivate and push each other, since they are in the same situation.

Connections between instructors and students are a little different. These bonds are the gateway to all the potential information students know and will be able to demonstrate when they move beyond the classroom. These relationships are very beneficial for students because sometime instructors are willing to supply students with their emails and social media handles after a student moves on as a reference person for a future endeavor.

For unexperienced dancers it is important that they start bonds with dancers on higher levels early on. Doing so, will not only give them someone to look up to of refer questions to but just by spending time with them dancers will pick up and absorb their habits and techniques. A routine or topic that may have been grey for a dancer can be perfected in no time by spending time with experienced dancers.

Transitioning from one level to the next is difficult in itself, however having the necessary tools and connections to assist with when things get rough make it more manageable. More importantly, these connections will help launch dancers into their respective career paths and may even help them obtain these goals quicker than their counterparts.


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