A look into Dancer’s feet

Many dancers spend endless hours practicing each day. Ballet dancers in particular spend numerous hours in point shoes which have a wooden board on the tip to help stabilize them better. How do these practice affect the structure and well-being of the foot? Many dancers suffer from callouses, arthritis. Blisters and much more as a result of their dedication to their craft. Dance Advantage has a way for barefoot dancers to ensure they have the best foot health possible. One of the issues listed included how to deal with fungus on the foot due to unsanitary floor conditions during practicing. Practicing good hygiene and sanitizing dance surfaces can limit fungus contraction in dance studios. Likewise, humans use their feet daily, mostly because we walk everywhere, so it is imperative that dancers soak their feet, moisturize them, and keep their toe nails cut. This not only rejuvenates the skin of the feet to prevent it from callousing or splitting of the skin but it also soothes weary feet.  Refraining from using colored nail polishes is also important. If toe nails are polished it is often difficult to monitor the toe nail and make sure it is still healthy and not discolored in any way. Discoloration can mean many things such as infection or ingrown toe nails. The human foot is composed of 52 bones and it is important to make sure they remain as strong as possible. A healthy diet is also critical to good foot health. A balanced diet of Vitamin D, C, and Calcium not only support good foot structure but it also provides the necessary energy needed for a dancer. If you are practicing in a large group, try massaging your partner’s feet, teamwork is important and it is a way to ensure everyone is taking care of themselves.


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