Career Counseling 101

Byron Scott  Harrison Photo: Bria Jenkins

Journalist Byron Scott Harrison Photo: Bria Jenkins

It is often hard for students to find work in their careers upon graduating from college due to the competitive market. Professor and journalist Byron Scott Harrison spoke to a group of Mass Communication students Wednesday morning in the Media Center.Harrison is currently a professor here at Towson who teaches Broadcast Journalism I.  He shared with students some important information on how to get into the field and find work. He advised the students to work during school, write as much as possible, perfect their on air presence, and stay up on current news. 

One thing that was shocking to many students occurred when Harrison said “At least two times in your career [as a journalist] you will lose your job.”

While this statement could be viewed as harsh it was a reality check to many and acted as a motivating force to encourage the students to perfect their craft and make their selves known while they are still in school. Courtney Smith, sophomore, was in the audience during Harrison’s presentation, appreciated this opportunity to hear from an experienced journalist and receive tips on how to be successful in the field.

“I learned that you need to be able to write and you will work for two or more stations before you find a permanent spot [at a station]. Mr. Scott was very informative and entertaining,” said Smith.

One of the highlights of the morning occurred when Harrison displayed his reel to the students. A reel serves as a visual resume to those who want to go into Broadcast Journalism. When creating a reel it is important to get good sound bites and display your personality while delivering information to the public.

Students were also able to have their questions asked as the presentation progressed and Harrison was enthusiastic about answering any question that rose from his lecture. Harrison will also be teaching Broadcast Journalism I again in the fall.

J-day was highly successful this year and it was extremely informative to the Mass Communication students. Hopefully in the future, the department will devise more creative methods for students to gain exposure to their desired fields.


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